MedMetrix is a breakthrough in assessing your health

We offer advanced AI-based algorithms that help you take care of your health

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Certified Medical Device

MedMetrix offers solutions that go beyond modern health technology; they are also certified medical devices approved for sale in the European Union. We work with recognized suppliers to provide world-class AI algorithms.

Our commitment to quality and safety translates into benefits for users. Our collaboration and promotion of certified solutions that have passed strict regulatory requirements ensure efficiency, reliability, and trustworthiness, in accordance with the instructions for using the provided products.

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Instant Report

You will receive an immediate analysis result with a professional report.

The report aims to provide information about potential irregularities and may contain guidance on possible actions for such irregularities.


Understandable Results

We transform medical terms into easy-to-understand information so that everyone can make more informed health decisions.

Our platform is your ally in accessing knowledge about prevention and health management – simple, understandable, and tailored to your needs.

Are you ready for a revolution in taking care of your health?

The solutions we provide are a breakthrough in medicine – speed, professionalism, and full discretion. Gain access to health analysis in the blink of an eye.


Dermatological Algorithm

We provide proven solutions for dermatological health, using advanced AI from leading providers.

Venereal Algorithm

We deliver advanced solutions for venereal health, based on innovative AI from renowned manufacturers.


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Trust and effectiveness are at the heart of our platform

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